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At Wholistic Wellness we work holistically with each individual by incorporating various therapeutic techniques.  We believe each person is a dynamic collection of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, experiences, reactions, and relationships; therefore the path to healing will be unique. Therefore we offer evidence-based practices, as well as more creative, intuitive, and spiritual practices.

At Wholistic Wellness we have evolved the traditional psychotherapy practices by embracing and teaching the importance of the body, mind and spirit connection. We teach our clients to live from their wholeness, not woundness. 


At Wholistic Wellness we place an emphasis on one’s connection with spirit with the intention of developing a conscious relationship with self. When we embrace the relationship with self, our external relationships begin to improve as well; shifting from being reactive to mindful. 

At Wholistic Wellness we integrate a holistic psychotherapy approach including forms of meditation, mindfulness, EDMR,  shamanic healing and energy medicine to help individuals and couples be free from dysfunctional patterns, heal attachment patterns, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs; and step into their most authentic self with passion, joy and freedom! 

Yoga Session

At Wholistic Wellness we take a wholistic journey with the client, addressing their mind-body-soul connection. We guide our clients to  develop their emotional, spiritual and behavioral skills that increase inner freedom, passion and aliveness.

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