Kris is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, having earned her Master’s degree from Lewis University.  Kris’ works with adults, both young and old, helping them understand themselves better by learning the story that created who they are.  


Her passion is helping people recover and heal from trauma, whether the trauma is from childhood or recent, by using an eclectic approach that includes EMDR, IFS and ego-state therapies.  Trauma of any magnitude has a significant impact on the ways you function throughout everyday life and understanding how even small experiences influence you will change your life.  In working with Kris, you will laugh, you may cry but you will leave with a different appreciation for who you are and the life you want to live.  



Shaman + Licensed Psychotherapist


Dana is a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Healer, Teacher and Shaman with 15 years of Shamanic Integrative Healing and Holistic Modalities. Dana is an instructor at Sacred Journey Institute, one of the elite schools of CranioSacral Therapy & Miasm Release. Dana journeys beyond ordinary to work with the multi-dimensional trauma and it's effects on human behavior.


Holistic Psychotherapy is a unique blend of of psychotherapy and shamanic healing; bringing awareness to all bodies: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. With my 15 year background of Shamanic and Holistic expertise, I am able to quickly to identify and  help you transform your conscious and subconscious limiting patterns that are creating disharmony in your life.

Dana integrates Holistic Shamanic modalities, energy medicine, mindfulness & meditation paired psychotherapy to help individuals and couples experience more states of freedom, joy and acceptance. We can reconnect with our light, passion, purpose, love and joy when we are able to bring awareness to unhealthy patterns, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs and from that place take our power back and create the life we desire from the inner-self to the outer-world.



MA, LPC, Sound Healing Practitioner

My name is Diana Voith and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am a graduate from Governor State University with a Master’s in Arts in Clinical Psychology as well as a certified Sound Healer by Harmonic Waves Healing. My professional experience started in 2017 working at a non-profit organization at Guardian Angel Community Services with different minority populations such as Hispanic/Latino, African American, and LGBTQ individuals with history of trauma. I have served clients of all ages providing Crisis Intervention, Counseling, and Psycho-education topics at schools. I also worked at Silver Oaks Behavioral Hospital for Mental Health, Dual Diagnosis, and with Partial Hospitalization Programs serving patients and family members in group settings.

Throughout my counseling practice experience, I have learned to incorporate a diverse number of therapeutic techniques that involve western and eastern modalities. As a holistic therapist, I am able to provide alternative practices for clients and to explore their belief systems, patterns of behaviors, interpersonal relationships, conflicts, and traumatic life events. I guide my clients to feel connected with themselves finding healing of their emotional and physical ailments. We all know it can be quite challenging to make the decision to start walking a new healthy path. Just know we all have a story to tell and someone who will be present to hear you, understand you, and guide you on your new journey.

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Tyler Pena is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Tyler earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa and his master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Governors State University. Tyler has experience working with various populations struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other life circumstances.


Therapy can be a transformative process that allows people to learn about themselves, achieve vast growth, and create a well-rounded life. Tyler works to provide a comfortable and engaging environment to help clients build upon their strengths and improve their lives. He aims to meet clients where they are and build a foundation for clients to thrive through various therapeutic techniques. Tyler works on helping clients find balance, fuel the connection between mind and body and create positive long-term changes to guide fulfilment and meaning in one’s life.



LSW, EDMR, IFS, Yoga Teacher

I am glad that you found me and hope that my background and training can be helpful to you.

My therapeutic approach explores the meaning of being human within the context of life's challenges, discomforts and uncertainties. I offer clients warmth, compassion and gentleness with a central understanding that they are doing the best that they can even when it doesn’t feel like it. I believe in people's intrinsic goodness even in the darkest and most difficult times


I work from a mind-body framework in my therapeutic approach, particularly informed by Internal Family Systems, EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitization Reprocessing), Somatic and Trauma Informed Yoga, Buddhist Spiritual Inquiry and mindfulness meditation.


I have a special interest and training in women’s and family of origin issues, complex and single incident trauma, domestic violence, grief & loss, divorce and parenting challenges. I am also passionate about supporting people struggling with anxiety, depression, overwhelming stress and loss of purpose.


In addition to working in private practice, I lead mind-body-heart retreats, workshops and groups. I have taught yoga and meditation for over 20 years and am the founder of Mind | Body | Heart - Yoga & Wellness.  In addition to my trauma informed mind-body training, I hold a LSW from UIC Jane Addams School for Social Work. 


In my free time I love to read, watch the sunset,  scuba dive and spend time with my children and people I love. 



LCPC, Art Therapist,  LGBTQ+

I've met with many clients who have shared they don't feel really heard or understood by others. As a result-they can feel lonely, isolated, and hopeless. I believe that to feel a sense of personal wellness we must also feel heard & connected!

Finding and connecting with a counselor is a valuable and courageous choice to move forward! It is important for me to create a space where my clients feel trusting and comfortable; this space is a 'judgement-free zone'. I want to create an atmosphere for my clients where they can share those things which might feel 'unspeakable'. It has been my experience that those are the things that need saying.

I have a well-seasoned 16+ years of experience working as a therapeutic counselor. I am thankful to be able to do this work! I consider myself to be a resourceful, creative, & patient therapist- with a robust combination of life experience, clinical expertise, and therapeutic skill.

My trauma-informed approach may be considered integrative, as I will often utilize techniques from: CBT, DBT, IFS, Positive Communication Skill Building, Anger Management, and Art Therapy. I must also add here that I try to incorporate humor, when appropriate. Let's call this 'chuckle healing'. :)


Currently I am accepting individual adult clients 18+. I see a wide variety of clients coming for help, including depression, anxiety, adjustment concerns, and more. Additionally, I welcome those who identify as LGBTQ+. 

I received my Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling from Governors State University, and I received an Art Therapy Certificate from Northwestern University.

I'd consider it an honor to be a part of your wellness journey!




Caroline Thielen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor. Caroline earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Northern Illinois University and master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Concordia University Chicago. She has several years of experience working in the human services field helping individuals and their families cope with various challenges. She has experiencing working with children, adolescents, adults, and families dealing with trauma, anxiety depression, anger management, grief, and other life transitions. Caroline also has interest working with couples and individuals coping with infertility.    

Caroline believes her role in the counseling relationship should be collaborative, genuine, and empathic. She will tailor her approach to meet the individual needs of her clients to enhance wellness in a non-judgmental atmosphere. She utilizes various evidence-based treatment approaches including but not limited to CBT, DBT, psychodynamic, mindfulness to help clients achieve their desired goals.

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