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Dana Massat

Founder, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist 

Psychotherapy + Shamanic Energy Medicine


Dana Massat, Founder of Wholistic Wellness and Ascend Your Soul.

Owner of Sacred Journey Institute (an elite CranioSacral School). 

Author or the "Shaman's Daughter", a memoir about embracing the darkness to brighten your light! 

Dana is a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Shaman with 15 years of Shamanic Integrative Healing and Holistic Modalities. Dana journeys beyond ordinary to work with the multi-dimensional trauma and it's effects on human behavior. 

Dana founded Wholistic Wellness with the intention of having a Holistic Healing Center for the mind-body-soul. Wholistic Wellness has attracted Evolved Psychotherapists, Bodyworkers and Healers to help the community heal. 

Dana Massat's work has been endorsed by many well-known health professionals, authors, artists, psychologists and peers. Dana see's clients in-person at her Chicagoland office in Frankfort IL & Willowbrook, IL and remotely; she has long-time clients all over the World.


Holistic Psychotherapy is a unique blend of of psychotherapy and shamanic healing; bringing awareness to all bodies: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. With my 15 year background of Shamanic and Holistic expertise, I am able to quickly to identify and  help you transform your conscious and subconscious limiting patterns that are creating disharmony in your life.

Dana integrates Holistic Shamanic modalities, CBT, energy psychology, mindfulness & meditation paired psychotherapy to help individuals and couples experience more states of freedom, joy and acceptance. We can reconnect with our light, passion, purpose, love and joy when we are able to bring awareness to unhealthy patterns, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs and from that place take our power back and create the life we desire from the inner-self to the outer-world.

A journey of ascension is a journey of self discovery and self-work; I am on this journey for eternity, we are all in this together and I will take your hand and help you with yours.

-Dana Massat.

Shamanic Ascension Journey $175, 50 mins (Virtual or In-person)

Shamanic Psychotherapy $150, 50 mins (Virtual or In-person)

Licensed in South Caroline + Illinois

CranioSacral Therapy $140, 50 mins (In-person)

Licensed in Illinois, Indiana + South Carolina
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