Begin to Heal through evolved bodywork that addresses the mind-body-soul

“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” -Hermann Hesse

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Shannon Rusnak

LMT, CST, Reiki,

Holistic Health Practitioner


Kierstin Wnek

Reiki, Astrology,


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Shannon Chada

The Energy Doula 

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Endless Endeavors LLC

Licensed Massage Therapist 18 + years +Holistic Health Practitioner (The Whole Journey) + Spiritual Healer + Reiki Master + Cranial Sacral Therapist + Yoga Instructor + Pilates Instructor

My journey is ever evolving because I am a seeker of knowledge and healing. I have been trained with world renowned teacher and healers in the wellness community. I learned the art of CranioSacral Therapy with Don Massat, founder of Beyond Wellness and Sacred Journey Institute. I have trained with Misty Soderholm owner of SoderWorld Wellness Center. I was a case study for world renowned Izabella Wentz The Thyroid Pharmacist and worked one on one with her to heal myself of thyroid issues. And also had the honor of training with world renowned Christa Orecchio with The Whole Journey.

I was the Lead Massage Therapist at the prestigious Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge for 13 years. I am one of the busiest therapists at the exceptional Wellness Sanctuary, SoderWorld Wellness Center; a place where many guru's, teachers, and shamans from different countries visit. I was a traveling massage therapist on the Professional Tennis Circuit (ATP TOUR) while my husband was playing professional tennis. I worked on the professional players for five years, working with top athletes.

I am extremely health conscious in a world where toxins flood our foods, water and environment. I dove deep into this type of health when I developed an autoimmune disease after my pregnancy. I was told by everyone there was nothing I could do to fix it, and I wasn't satisfied with that answer. So that's when I began my search and journey and found I have a passion for health and wellness. I began to dig even deeper and I went through Yoga Teacher Training through SoderWorld Wellness. I began working with Izabella Wentz The Thyroid Pharmacist, which then led me to The Whole Journey with Christa Orecchio. The Whole Journey is what fixed my health and really opened my eyes to all around us and the possibilities.

Over the years I have invested in the cleanest products for my home lifestyle, as well as all my food and wellness products. I was sick with ovarian cancer, Hashimoto's autoimmune disease, parasites, dental health issues and more. I did it and healed myself and now I want to give back and help other that don't know what to do or how to do it. I have the tools and resources and will be able to give you what western medicine, and holistic doctors cant- Results And A Clear Path To You Feeling Better Everyday. I specialized with athletes and know what tools they need to recover from pain or skip surgeries. I've worked for a Five Star Five Diamond Resort and Spa and Lead and Managed the whole department. I healed myself from illness, trauma, and abuse. It's going to take work and it isn't easy. But one thing I really learned on my journey is......... I am my best when I am learning and when I'm being challenged. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other. You can get there too.

I wanted to start a place of business where you're not only getting the incredible service, but your also getting the knowledge and tools you need. The products I use have no chemicals, cleanest of water, products and supplies. Best linens and no cleaning chemicals, top of the line air purifiers, and more.


Kaivalya Wellness LLC

Reiki, Astrology, Ki-Energy Sessions

Kierstin Wnek is a RYT—200 graduate of the Sattvic Sage Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training at Soderworld Wellness Center—recently graduating in the class October of 2021. Her main passion lies in holding space for others through yoga and crystal healing. She is a Certified Crystal Practitioner through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. She is also a Reiki 2 practitioner, loves to pull tarot and oracle cards, read astrology charts and is an aspiring massage therapist! Kierstin has just started on her journey, but she has a wealth of knowledge, passion and charisma.

Reiki and Crystal Healing 

30 min--$50

60 min--$85

75 min--$100

90 min--$115


"Ki-Energy" session: combination of reiki, crystals, tarot, astrology and aromatherapy.

60 min--$100

90 min--$135

120 min--$185

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Full Circle Harmony Org.

The Energy Doula, HSMP

Shannon innately serves the community as a compassionate Spiritual Leader, Ceremony Keeper, and Mentor of the Traditional Native Indigenous ways so that future generations may benefit from the wisdom of her elders. Shannon lovingly guides you inward to discover how you can implement positivity, passion, and purpose into your life. She empowers you with spiritual tools and the powerful healings of the heart that comes from connecting in Full Circle Harmony with all living things.


Shannon is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher since 2000 and 8th decedent in lineage from Dr. Mikao Usui. She has 15+ years experience with Essential Oils and the therapeutic benefits they offer to support us as sacred plant medicines.


Sessions with Shannon are typically 90 mins and may include a variety of holistic modalities such as Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Mindful Breathing & Gentle Movements, Natural Health & Spiritual Guidance to authentically serve your growth. Benefits the Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social & Spiritual aspects of your Whole-Healing Self!


For over 25 years, Shannon has been the Founder & Lead Director of Full Circle Harmony offering individual and group sessions, along with a variety of educational and spiritual workshops and events. You can connect and receive further support or training from Shannon through the rainbow of holistic practices she offers as a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Energy Specialist, Cranial Sacral Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor, and Doula. Shannon is a non-denominational Legal Ordained Holistic Minister Practitioner & Facilitator offering Sacred Circles, Blessing Ways, & Celebration of Life Ceremonies.


Living In Harmony, UNITING Nature, Culture and Community:

Contact Shannon Directly for appointments or more information.


P:  630-969-1134


Pricing: 60min $100 or 90min $125